5 more changes We want in State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is still set to be released sometime in Spring of 2018. And developer Undead Labs are keeping all the information to themselves. While we know the game will come with some quality of life changes such as the addition of co-op, the new Blood Plague a bigger map,  upgraded graphics and gameplay on the Unreal 4 engine. But other than that we really haven’t gotten much.

Now we’ve searched the internet, and we’ve searched the forums to see what you guys saw after a few weeks ago when we gave you 5 changes we want to first stay to decay 2.

And because we couldn’t stop thinking about it we’re gonna give you 5 more. So here’s 5 more changes we want in State of Decay 2.

Num #1: Hostile humans

We’re going to start by saying we don’t want State of Decay 2 to turn into the Walking Dead. As much as we love The Walking Dead – who puts survival against humans as their main plot point over surviving the zombies. We definitely want the State of Decay franchise to keep putting the zombies as the overall antagonist.

That being said: it would be nice to have some parts of the story move to a place. Where we can come across other communities or maybe even just a small group survivors. Where we can make some choices to either kill them or try and get them to join us.

Again we know that most people love State of Decay because of the challenge of dealing with the zombies. And that even when you’re a seasoned veteran. You still need to keep on your toes or risk getting too relaxed and causing one of your peoples deaths.

But it would be a nice change of pace to have to suddenly worry about coming across other survivors – who may be trying to help or hurt you. If nothing else, it would provide a little more life to the game. Giving us that feeling that we’re not the only ones trying to survive. We cannot stress enough how we don’t want this to be the main approach of the game. Though we would welcome the change in small doses.

Num #2: Car realism.

In our last post we mentioned that the vehicles in the game needed to have the controls and physics brought up to par with the current generation. But this time we wanted to address the realism on vehicles as a whole. Overall vehicles in the first game were pretty overpowered being able to get you out of any sticky situation.

If you could just get to it in time in the sequel. We hope the vehicles are at least a little more of a hassle to the player. If nothing else but to add to the overall apocalyptic atmosphere.

In the apocalypse, you would have to hotwire most cars you came across. Even if the keys were inside the doors are most likely to be locked in the first place. Now the game definitely does the locking when it comes to certain buildings as a whole.

Well one of the main reasons that ninja is even in the game in the first place. But while a lot of the doors we come across are locked for some reason none of the vehicles are ever locked.

Then you would have to make sure you were constantly on the look out for gasoline pretty much everywhere you went. You would definitely rethink driving across the entire map if you did know that you’d have enough gas to make it back.

We don’t need taking care of our vehicles to be a main priority in the game. Though we do want the game to make you feel the vehicles are as precious as they make you feel ammo is.

Num #3: Character creation/RPG elements.

We know this really doesn’t go along with the type of game. State of Decay is being a game more about a community rather than about one specific protagonist. We would still really love the option for one of those community members to be ourselves. If nothing else, but to give us a better direct emotional link to the community. We’d imagine a lot more people would care about going back to make sure that last hoard didn’t kill your home base.

When you’re out playing with a secondary character and you realize oh my gosh my main character is still back at home. Another thing is this could help eliminate the chance that while a multiplayer multiple people are playing is the same character. Yes we understand there’s gonna be a lot added in State of Decay 2. But that doesn’t stop those chances from happening.

Also while we’ve heard a lot has been added in the game .When it comes to traits and skills we really hope that Uundead Labs adds a little more RPG aspect into the game.

This doesn’t mean that we suddenly need houses to start having elaborate puzzles or that the game should include some kind of super item we need to find to stop the apocalypse. But like in our last video where we felt there should be some sort of small gear system.

We also feel that the game would benefit with a little more options with our characters. Sure the first game let us choose special moves. When we maxed out our stats. We’re just hoping to have more options. And maybe a little bit more leniency on choosing those skills.

Num #4: Story driven characters/Buildings.

Everyone knows you can tell a great story without ever speaking a word. And demo zombies literature the creator’s usually go out of their way to do this on a regular basis. It’s almost become a required trope for the genre.

Examples would be walking into a room to see a hanging corpse or mass suicide or going into a building only to see a car crashed into it and killed a bunch of people.

The State of Decay did this on a small scale. Most you will remember the plane crash in the field. The plane crashed into the house. The man killed in the cooking fryer and the dead dog.

But the problem with these areas is they’re just there for show. Sure the plane crash in the field has boxes free to search in the plane, crashed in the house prevents  you from entering.

But we are hoping for areas where these things matter more. Like say you come across a house, you can’t get into through any of the doors. Because they’re barricaded so you need to find that open window only to discover that the house is full of zombies. Because something went incredibly wrong. Or coming across an area where someone changed zombies like dogs. And hoped that it would protect them from others.

We know it may be a small thing. But there are plenty of little stories. Undead Labs could sneak in that would make us told: “Oh my god, what the heck happened here”.

Num #5: Change focus from surviving to rebuilding.

Now we have to clarify. We still want State of Decay 2 formula to remain mostly unchanged from the first game. Find some friends build a base. But we would like at some point in the game for you to be able to set up real-life safe zones.

Now like you can do with outposts, but on a more permanent basis. Using the first game as an example say you made your home base the freight warehouse got enough supplies for months enough weapons and medicine for everyone.

But you found yourself having more people than space say at this point instead of being no longer able to take on more survivors.

The game tells you to go set up a secondary home base somewhere else. Or it tells you to clear the adjacent building. So that you’re able to expand the base that you currently have.

You’d start out clearing the building like you would currently do to build an outpost. Then you have to make sure all the windows are boarded.

And last the game would put you in some kind of base defense. while your other survivors came to put up a fence. Once  all that is done there you go. You have an extension to your base yhen over time you could continue to do this until you pretty much have the whole town is back to normal as possible.

After that a massive hoard comes kills everyone you have to flee to the next map and start all over. This might not be the best way to go about implementing this into the game. But it could lead to hours and hours of extra playtime.

Not to mention this changes the narrative of the game. Rather than being about you surviving in your small community of survivors surviving. You end up being about trying to rebuild the town and take everything back and live as normal a life as you can.

P/s:But that’s all we got for you did you like our list tell us what you thought down below in the comments.

What do you want added in State of Decay 2?

Are you ready for State of Decay 2 because it feels like spring 2018 can’t come soon enough. But no matter what happens we will still see you next time.



State of decay 2: 5 Changes We Want

State of decay is an open world zombie survival horror video game developed by Undead Labs for Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows. It had a rocky start due to some technical issues but after a few fixes Undead Labs was able to create one of the best zombie experiences available today.

It was so popular a remastered version called the year  survival edition was released on April 2 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox one which included the 2 DLC expansions breakdown and lifeline.
Even with its limited and mostly repetitive gameplay, State of decay provides a seemingly different experience every time. Since we’ve already poured a considerable amount of time into State of decay ourselves.

We were excited to officially hear the State of decay 2 had been announced. But we haven’t heard much about us since E3 and games come. And it still got us wondering what to expect will be different in the sequel. Sure we know that there will finally be co-op and we have a basic understanding of how that’s gonna work.

As well as the addition of a crafting system and expanded home base system. But there are still some questions we need answered.

So here’s 5 changes we want and State of decay 2:

Num 1: Car physics and controls.

Driving cars and State of decay is probably the quickest way to pull yourself out of the experience. Especially in today’s day and age where GTA 5 has been out for over 4 years. Now we understand State of decay didn’t have near the resources that Rockstar had with GTA 5.

But when we drive a car in the game it feels like the industry has well surpassed this basic standard of controls and feel. The cars at times don’t really make us feel like there’s much difference between the small variety of cars. We do have turning seems blocky and the overall driving really just feels like you’re gliding across the map even when you’re on some bumpy terrain.

Which sucks because one of the funnest things to do in the game is open the doors you’re speeding by in a car to kill a zombie. While we don’t need State of decay 2 be some new leader and the way driving is done in video games. We hope that with a bigger team they’re able to make the experience real enough. So that it doesn’t take away from the rest of the game.

Number 2: Add gear.

One thing that seems to be a staple of any game claiming to have RPG is the ability to increase the qualityof gear of your character over time. While we’re not saying State of decay needs to go in as death as destiny – or even World of Warcraft.

We are saying that there is a small version of that and State of decay where you get to upgrade your weapons over time. But ultimately that’s the entire extent of it. If we were really in a zombie apocalypse, wouldn’t we try and make sure that instead of yoga pants and muscle shirts.

We were wearing leather jackets and combat boots while this doesn’t need to have some huge impact on the game. I still hope that State of decay 2 offers us some way to try and decrease our chances of being torn apart by the first juggernaut. We come across if nothing else but to make those zombie bites hurt just a little bit less.

 Num 3: Control partners.

In State of decay you don’t always need to go it alone. You can go to the other survivors in your community and ask them to join you for a while. This is usually a good idea as they can be a huge help when you’re getting a little too far over your head. However bringing a companion that can only be controlled by the computer.

Comes with its own challenges they can get in the way when you’re trying to make a headshot block the path when you’re trying to run away. And sometimes seem to forget completely how to defend themselves. We hope with State of decay 2 we’re able to switch between our scavenger party members while not in multiplayer. So that we can do as much as we can to survive.

It would also be nice to have some sort of order wheel for them. So that you can tell them to do things like barricade, windows, closed doors, help scavenge for resources. And anything else that they really should be automatically doing well in a zombie apocalypse. It’s like they’re not even trying to survive sometimes. And it would really help if you could just quickly switch over to them and put them right back on track.

Num 4:  Surveying.

If you’ve ever played State of decay you know that this is probably the least fun thing to do. It’s tedious and provides almost no impact to the overall experience. Although there shouldn’t be any changes to the scavenging system which you could argue is almost the exact same thing. At least the scavenging aspect of the game plays into the whole noise system.

You have the option of speeding up the process at the risk of being overrun. Surveying just takes way too long and really doesn’t help. They could easily replace it with some sort of marking system and that would probably get more used. Honestly, they could just replace it with the way most of the Assassin’s Creed games have doing it. And people probably wouldn’t even notice.

Num 5: Remove ammo and suppressors.

Finally, if this isn’t already something undead laughs is done then we probably can’t count on anything on this list actually making it into State of decay 2. Imagine you’re walking along with your favorite rifle. Only to find an even better one while out hunting for Fallout. The problem is you can’t use it because your ammo and suppress are already being used in the weapon you’re currently carrying.

Without the ability to remove your suppressor an ammo, you’re stuck with what you have until you can find more out in the infested streets. It becomes one of those problems you didn’t know you could have until it’s staring you right in the face. You have to have the ammo, you have to have the suppressor, and now you’re gonna have to use them out of this gun that you no longer want to use. Because you can’t take them out.

State of decay 2 drops in the spring of 2018. Not only will it come with an experience like no other this time you’ll be able to share with your friends. From what we’ve seen the game already looks and sounds amazing and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Zombie survival sequel: 6 new things you can do.

State of Decay 2 is coming in spring 2018, with base building and character progression pumped up, a new blood plague to infect your survivor community, and a much-requested online co-op mode. Take a watch and discover the new things you can do in the zombie survival sim sequel.

1.Play in Co-op:

As an open-world, freeform zombie survival game with an ensemble cast of characters, State of Decay would have been the perfect co-op zombie experience, except it had no co-op.

To the surprise of exactly no-one, State of Decay’s most requested feature was a co-op mode, and in State of Decay 2 developer Undead Labs has provided the very thing.

The sequel has an online co-op mode in which you and up to three other players join forces.

You can take a character from your community and jump into a friend’s game with them or vice versa, or you can send up a flare that signals to other players that you want co-op company.

In online co-op you can watch each other’s back and collaborate on your survival but not hurt each other directly, since friendly fire is turned off. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

2.Build better bases

State of decay 2 comes with more exensive base building options than its predecessor.

At last you can construct the full service survivalist compound of your dream.

The range of facilities you can install inside the cozy confines of your base offer various benefits to your community.

But these facilities also need to be run by survivors with the right skills.

3.Create leaders

State of decay 2 doubles down on its role-playing elements with a deeper character progression system.

Each survivor has a handful of skills and also traits drawn from a pool of over 1000 personality traits.

It’ll be for you to develop each survivors skills for the benefit of your community and look after the relationships between each of your unique survivors.

Who knew that human resources management would turn out to be a vital survival skill.

Your duties as postapcocalytic HR manager also include picking out community leaders.

You can promote your fav survivors to leadership roles by following their advice and completing thei goals.

Witch in turn unlocks new perks and steers the community along a path towards.

The particular priorities of your leader the thell you what those particular priorities might be so maybe pick your leader carefully. We’ve all watched The Walking Dead.

4.Catch blood plague

It cant be all good news in the Amba geddens so while you’re enjoying these swanky new bases.

You’ll also be contending with a whole new strain of zombie fiying sickness the new desease is called Blood Plague.

Which I’m not a doctor but in my medical opinion sounds like bad times .Yami’s come on Blood Plague zombies are a special zombie type that can infect.

Player characters with said blood plague.

Once a survivor is infected with this blood plague a timer starts.

And once the time is up, that plague victim turns into a blood plague zombie themselves all is not lost.

However, if you can create an infirmary at your base to delay the infection taking hold or even to a cup of cure.

5. Execute survivors

If you’ve got a blood plague infected survivor you’ll occasionally be faced with the dire decision. I for what to do with someone who’s run out of time.

At this point you will have the option to spare the survivor kill the survivor or exile them from your community, kicking them out into these zombie wilderness to fend for themselves get in yikes.

The zombie survival ism is not as much of a light-hearted mall raiding lock.

As I’d thought maybe there’s something I can do to take my mind off all the horror.

6.Visit tombstones of executed or lost survivors.

In state of decay, to Zook immunity screen you can check in with your growing collective of lucky survivors.

At the same time though you can visit the tombstones of the unlucky persons.

Dead persons who are memorialized here so you can never forget them all the time you shot them in the head.

I hope you brought flowers. What would you do if the world you knew was gone?

STATE OF DECAY 2: Everything we know.

State of Decay and State of Decay: Survival Edition were excellent digital titles on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The third person survival game’s mix of combat, stealth, resource management and community building was excellent and a truly unique spin on the saturated zombie genre.

Ahead of the game’s release, Trusted Reviews has rounded up everything you need to know about State of Decay 2. Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up to date with the latest news.

What is State of Decay 2?

State of Decay 2 is a sequel to the very popular Xbox 360 title of the same name. The original State of Decay had players battling in a single player experience with fellow survivors, forging communities in the zombie apocalypse.

Its sequel is taking the action adventure survival game online, with players able to team up and work together to battle against the zombie horde. Players will be able to enjoy the game solo or with up to three friends.

State of Decay 2 release date – When is State of Decay 2 coming out?

State of Decay 2 is currently slated for a 2017 release date on Xbox One and Windows PC. It’ll include Xbox One X support, too. It will also take advantage of the Xbox Play Anywhere scheme where digital pre-orders on one platform will receive the game for free on the other.

State of Decay 2 coop – How does it work?

As mentioned above, for the first time in the series players will be able to team up online with up to three friends to survive the apocalypse.

However, developer Undead Labs has revealed it is not a persistent online world nor an MMO. In an interview with IGN, studio founder Jeff Strain explained that the game did start off in that genre, before becoming what it is now, with the team aiming to give fans “exactly what they want”.

“This is not a session-based experience. It’s drop-in/drop-out,” Strain explained. “The key thing that I want everybody to know is, it doesn’t require you to be online. We’ve designed it very much with the intention of it being the easiest, most convenient type of multiplayer you can imagine”

State of Decay 2 gameplay – What can we expect?

State of Decay 2 looks set to refine and evolve the gameplay seen in the original game, which saw players scavenge for resources and build communities among the wastelands of rural communities left behind in the outbreak. Working together with fellow survivors, players must try and maintain order as long as possible before total chaos breaks out and you must flee to another location.

Unlike the first game, there will be no single protagonist. Instead, each character will be given different stats and traits, with each playing their role within the group to help everyone survive.

Undead Labs recently confirmed that State of Decay 2 will include three individual maps at launch. All of your resources will carry across them, too. This should make it far easier to prepare yourself against the flesh eating menace. The maps will be incredibly varied, each roughly the same size as the first game’s entire landmass.



State of decay 2: Release day

What is State of Decay 2?

State of Decay 2 is a sequel to the very popular Xbox 360 title of the same name. The original State of Decay had players battling in a single player experience with fellow survivors, forging communities in the zombie apocalypse.

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Its sequel is taking the action adventure survival game online, with players able to team up and work together to battle against the zombie horde. Players will be able to enjoy the game solo or with up to three friends.

State of Decay 2 release date – When is State of Decay 2 coming out?

In addition, Microsoft has announced the release date of the game, which is currently set for spring 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10. The game was originally announced last year at E3 2016, although Microsoft was eager until now, we have a glimpse of gameplay expansion and focus on co-op play with others online. In addition, we met new zombie types, weapons and cars that players will be able to watch online.